Climbing Trees Matthew Frederick

Climbing Trees


Let’s count this off, you’re the founder of the record label Staylittle Music, member of Climbing Trees, a solo musician and a TV presenter. That must be a pretty satisfying array of work to occupy your time?

It looks like you’ve got a busy festival season coming up with Climbing Trees, are there any you’re looking forward to in-particular?

The performance and sound quality of your ‘Live At Long Row’ recordings is so high, it’s easy to mistake them for studio sessions! How long have you been performing as a solo artist?

The songs you produce have such a distinct sound. Does your approach to songwriting differ much between your solo work and Climbing Trees?

How was your recent string of solo shows? Do you find your solo shows hold a different level of intimacy with audience?

Who would you say are the biggest influences over your sound? Do these change much between your band work and your solo material?

How has your writing style changed over the years? How would you describe the approach taken with Climbing Trees debut album ‘Hebron’ to your latest album ‘Borders’?

Your artwork for the Climbing Trees releases has a very unique and creative theme. What was the inspiration behind it and who does the designs?

Can we expect to hear from the next Climbing Trees album? Have you guys started writing anything for it?

What’s next in the pipeline for your solo work?

How do you find the music scene in Wales? Is there much of a community aspect?

What’s been your favourite gig to date?

What would be the dream line-up for you to be featured on? Who would you most want to play alongside?