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Charlie Millikin

Honest, anthemic songwriting

This is a songwriter who doesn’t hold back. It’s easy to hear the evolution of self-discovery in his work, the hardships and silver linings are all laid out neatly for us to see. We asked Charlie to give us an insight into what events in his life caused him to craft such emotive and open songs.

Hey Charlie, thanks for taking the time to e-chat with us! It makes sense to start with your latest single ‘Use This Love’. How’s the response been so far?

The response to “Use This Love” has been great from everyone who’s heard it!  I’m glad I was able to get the message of “love no matter what” using that song and it seems to be resonating with people.

How does this release differ from your self-titled 2016 EP?

“Use This Love” was released as a single and obviously the EP wasn’t, but creatively there wasn’t much of a difference between those two releases.  We’re just trying to get the message of each song across in the most dynamic and honest way possible.

You put a very open letter on Facebook describing an audition you had for ‘The Voice’. You describe your determination to keep pushing on despite the audition not going as planned. How do you think this experience has changed you? Has any of it leaked into your current song-writing?

That audition for “The Voice” that I posted about on Facebook was actually the 2nd time I’ve done that for that show.  It didn’t really change me or my songwriting at all.  Going in this past January I was more confident in 2 ways.  More confident in my talent and singing ability and more confident in my ability to keep going if nothing happened.  Nothing happened, so I kind of just pushed past it and kept working.  There’s always more work to do to get better every day.

Charlie Millikin

From the first listen, it’s pretty clear to hear the influence behind your track ‘Better’. How was it writing a track so close to home? Did you find it a therapeutic process?

Writing “Better” was ABSOLUTELY a therapeutic experience for me.  Since it’s such a personal song, it came very quickly and easily and helped me move past something that I was too inexperienced in life to move past on my own if I didn’t have the song.  Writing music has definitely helped me like that many times.

All of your songs have a very honest writing style, did you always write this way?

Yea honesty is pretty key for me in songwriting.  It’s gotta at least start from a place of honesty, otherwise the song sounds manufactured and fake.  One of the things I’ve worked on the longest is honesty in songwriting and especially lyric writing.

What’s next for you. Will your next release be another single, an EP or full on album?

Next for me will be a new single, but we’re not exactly sure when.  We’re hoping in a couple weeks.  Every few months I’ll be putting out a single, which will lead up to a full-length album.