World Wild - Artist Interview

World Wild is the brain-child of LA’s Jarrad Jackson. Bringing punk vocals to a Californian wave of nostalgic melodies, Jackson has crafted reminiscent 80s synth pop that immediately caught the ears of Giles Gillespie (Calvin Harris, MGMT). Due to his early days of composing music for touring punk bands & performing on world tours for Epitah Records, Jackson has become consumed by experience. Despite this, World Wild has only existed since 2015.

We were psyched to catch up with Jarrad, find out the story behind his busy past and ask why World Wild only came into recorded being, as of the last couple years.

First thing I guess, where’d the name World Wild come from?

Oh man, out of the air! I have no idea, I just thought it sounded cool and I actually still love it.

And what about the 80s influence? Were your folks big on 80s tunes?

The 80's influence came from my youth, I am a child of the 80s and have a great memory of the times as to me music is an imprint of moments and can trigger nostalgia more than any other art form. My dad was and still is big on Bob Dylan and music that could read like a poem but also Paul Simon and some 80's stuff for sure. My mum was always huge on feel good music, celebration! Cyndi Lauper .. We lived in a half house in Whyalla South Australia and she would dance around the kitchen with a massive perm baking cakes and sewing together some "Happy Pants" for my sister and me.

I read somewhere that Mark Gillespie (Calvin Harris, MGMT) came across your early demos and pushed you to record ‘Caribbean Gold’. What’s the story there?

Yeah for sure, Mark is a child hood friend of my cousin Andrew in the UK and they have been best friends most their lives. Mark took my friend Nick Jones and I out for dinner when we were in LA and the first thing he said to me was how much he loved World Wild, he told me he believed in it and that I should really push it, later he introduced me to some very famous producers explaining to them that I was someone to keep a keen eye out for, haha! I was shocked he even listened to it.

Am I right in thinking that in your past you did world tours for Epitah Records?

Yes you are, I was a drummer in a punk band called Dangerous! from Australia and we were the first Australian band to sign a world wide record deal with Epitaph Records, it was a crazy time! Had a ball.

Jarrad Jackson - Wold Wild

You also composed music for touring punk bands when you were in your teens? You’ve not sat around much!

Yeah I guess I have always been a song writer, I was very inspired by my dad and his love for music, for some reason I excelled behind the drums but even from that back seat I was always very hands on in the writing process.

What’s your process like in the studio?

I don't have a solid work flow, everything is very relevant to my life in general .. It's weird like sometimes I feel its like the matrix or something, where everything is just falling into place and everything that is falling is made up of energy or idea's that I have already subconsciously created and its all this one big picture. I have one rule, finish everything I start, even if its rubbish I really push myself to see a song to the end.

You perform live as a 5-piece band, right? How did that come together?

I just had friends that loved the music and I loved them as people, all very talented and I really appreciate the time they have dedicated. Being a full band in this day and age has been the hardest part but also one of my favourite things

You recently did a string of dates in Australia as a two piece, how was it adapting your live show for that?

Adapting the live show was a breeze .. I have this friend Tommy Rutland, he was the singer in a few of my older bands and one of them was Dangerous! Tommy and I had toured the world together and have had quite the history. Tommy is a genius, he is a musical genius hands down, he had inspired me musically before I had even met him and has become a production guru too, so getting him to jump on a tour was perfect, it brought back awesome feelings and memories and I hope to do more tours with Tommy, especially overseas.

You released the infectiously groovy ‘Crash & Burn’ earlier this year, is it fair to say it has a darker tone to your previous work?

Yeah it is, the more I learn about music and the better I get, the harder it is to pump out those cheesy tracks! I'm starting to really express my emotions through music. More cheesy summer hits to come though, everyone keeps suggesting they want more!

Jarrad Jackson World Wild Caribbean Gold

You seem to be smashing out tracks at the moment. Do you go through phases of being in the zone?

I typically finish around 2 tracks a week, the zone comes and goes but I push on through regardless.

What’s next for you? Are you going to do a follow up album to Caribbean Gold?

Yeah I have a new EP coming out on an Indie label, I've been doing a lot of remixes and looking forward to creating music video's and touring.